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Who Is Deanna Pike ?

Deanna’s greatest love is to connect people back to their Inner Creative and her real passion is to keep the creative process simple and teach them how to get back that pure enjoyment that we have as children when we were Free-Spirited Creatives who don’t fear being judged and aren’t motivated by getting it right. She loves to make it fun with no rules.

At a time in her life when her children were all at school and she had free time to herself. Deanna realized that she had lost part of who she was along the way as well as her confidence and her independence. That’s when she discovered Art and it completely changed her life !

Creating Art gave her a sense of freedom, confidence, happiness and filled that empty place inside her. While she was creating Art she was in her own happy place, living in the moment and any worries and stress was blocked out. She was doing something just for her !

Deanna loves to inspire others to do the same! She has been teaching Art now for over 25 years. It is so wonderful to share her love of Art with others and see them light up when they have created their own unique piece of Art. She loves bring the harmony, happiness & joy of creating to others and help them find their HAPPY PLACE just like she did !


Deanna is the best Art Instructor a person could have. To take someone like me, who couldn't even draw recognizable stick figures, to the Artist I am today has been a wonderfully inspiring journey. As a beginner I was able to accomplish pieces I could be proud of, and it was all done with patience and gentle guidance, praising every effort I made. Deanna is a very creative person and she infuses her love for art into her students. She encourages individuality while at the same time leading each one along an artistic path to similar but varied destinations. Thank you for passing on your vision.

I have been coming to Deanna’s Art Classes for 5 years now and she has always been very willing and capable in handling anything that is required of her in our Art class. She is very helpful and considerate and nothing is ever too hard for her.

Her work as an Artist and a teacher is exceptional. As an Artist she has taught me considerably and assisted me in all of my projects that I have undertaken, giving me very helpful advice and support which I would not have had without her.

My journey over the years has been very inspiring.

Thanking you.

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