I am so happy you landed here ! My world is all about CREATING ART !.. and sharing PEACE & HARMONY ! ☮☮

I believe there is a CREATOR in us all ! 

When we were a child we all created. Maybe Painting, Drawing,doodling, making Sand castles or just drawing in the sand or in the dirt ! There were no expectations, no rules, it just felt good to create.

Then as we grew up, maybe going to school and you may have been told your Art isn’t good enough or not right, not the right style, the right way etc. Too many rules and too many expectations. That is enough to put your little Creator away, back inside the Inner child!

Creating anything is so fulfilling, empowering, bringing out what is inside you whether in the form of painting, drawing, writing, music it is yours and no one elses. We all see the world in a different way through our own eyes, in our own unique way. We are expressing ourselves through our own eyes.Through creating we can bring out our own Inner peace & set our Inner child free. There doesn’t have to be any rules in Creating. it is amazing to see what comes out and what we can CREATE !

I will be sharing some INSPIRATION, some of my ARTWORK, any CREATIVE IDEAS I have, TUTORIALS and of course some PEACE & HARMONY  ! ☮☮ 

I hope you pop in again and maybe connect on my FB page , join up to my at EMAIL NEWSLETTER for more.. or leave me a comment !

Love & Peace Harmonydee ☮x☮x

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    • Gill

      You’re amazing so glad you are sharing your own arts kind regards Gillian

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